What is AHEM?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of AHEM is:

aheminterjection \ a throat-clearing sound; often read as ə-ˈhem ; \

—used especially to attract attention or to express disapproval or embarrassment

As defined above, AHEM comes and goes like a throat clearing sound. It wants you attention, but it disapproved or embarassed on your behalf.

Come on! Seriously, what is AHEM Ad Hoc Disposable Temporary Email?!

AHEM is a free ad-hoc disposable temporary Email service.
Ad-hoc - a mail that a mailbox is created for you as soon as you need it.
Disposable - you can throw it right away. Not strings attached.
Temporary - the emails received will be deleted by the system after a certain time elapses.
Free - you know what that means!

Others call it tempmail, 10minutemail, throwaway email, fake-mail or trash-mail.

When using forums, connecting to public Wi-Fi, many times users are asked to register before they can use the service.
Many websites and blogs ask users to register before they can view content, contribute or download.
Well, sometimes we don't have a choice, and sometimes we are interested in exposing our identity to a service provider.

But when we do not - or don't even care - storing your email address in any additional data base increases the risk for it to be leaked. AHEM is a service that allows you to register easily without exposing your real email address, so that you can avoid spam and stay safe.

Can I only use @ahem.email addresses with the service?

The AHEM server currently serves the domains:

  • ahem.email
  • mail.ahem.email
  • ahem-email.com
Sending an email to any of the above domains will be accepted by the AHEM mail service.

How long does an email remain on the AHEM mail server?

An email remains on the AHEM server at least 2 hours, and up to a day.

Can I delete my emails immediately?


What personal information do you save and how do you use it?

We do not keep any direct personal information. However, the emails are publicly available, so be mindful of how you use the service.
We do track accessing IP addresses in order to ensure the service's availability.
We recommend that you read the privacy policy.