How to run AHEM server on docker

Jan 17, 2019

AHEM - Ad Hoc Email is a temporary disposable email service. Its public website provides a disposable email service for the domain
You can send an email to any address and check the AHEM mailbox to retrieve and read the email.

But AHEM is also installable as an on premise server, serving your own domains.
Setting up AHEM as your own temporary email service is now ever easier with Docker.

How to setup you own disposable email server

Nov 13, 2018
Disposable email services are online services that provide temporary email addresses for registering or signing up on websites that require email verification. The purpose of these services is that you can avoid exposing your own email address to potential SPAM, especially if you just need the service for a short period of time. But why would someone want to set up their own disposable mail server? In the context of software testing, while most of the time an online disposable email service is sufficient, on some occasions you might want to host a temporary email server on site...