Ad Hoc mailboxNo sign in page! No registration! No password! An ad hoc mailbox is created by just sending an email to its address.
Disposable emailDo not expose your real email. Dispose emails immediately. No strings attached.
Temporary email addressEmails are automatically deleted after a day.
Avoid SPAMUse an AHEM temporary email to prevent spam and phishing when signing in to online services and wifi networks.
SimpleUsing AHEM is always simple and free. Just send an email to [mailbox of your choice]@ahem.email and check your disposable mailbox.
QA testingMany software products use email. Using AHEM is a great way to test your product's email functionality. Send emails here, or use our RESTful API.
High fidelityComplex graphics within emails are rendered faithfully, to a much better result that some of the other temporary email solutions. You will see the email as the sender intended.
Mobile friendlyAHEM is responsive and is just as usable and on a small screen device.
AHEM processed 23086 emails since Oct 17, 2018