AHEM - an adc-hoc email server AHEM - Ad Hoc Email Server


Welcome to the AHEM API documentation.
AHEM provides an easy to use RESTful API, that allows you to test or build anything on top of the AHEM mail server. The table below details the various api calls you can use and what they are used for.


HTTP Method URI Path Parameters Description POST /api/properties { "prefix":[string] } Returns a list of accounts starting with the prefix GET /api/properties Returns various server properties and settings GET /api/account/{account} returns a list of the email objects in the account DELETE /api/account/{account} Deletes a whole account GET /api/account/{account}/{emailId} Returns the contents of a specific email DELETE /api/account/{account}/{emailId} Delete an emails PATCH /api/account/{acount}/{emailId} {"isRead" : [boolean]} Updates the emailInfo object (representation of the email meta data in the user's account. Currently, only the isRead field is supported. GET /api/account/{account}/{emailId}/attachments/{filename} Downloads a specific attachment on an email